SBB Smart Box

Upcycling the blue SBB locker systems: more services for commuters.

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Velopa AG

Bikeep – smart bike parking

Bikeep is a latest-generation bike parking system. Equipped with digital technology, it provides a highly effective combination of efficient usage options and theft protection.

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Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG

Smart sensors / smart lighting

Find out how your building is being used: intelligent sensor technology for an optimised use of modern workplaces and meeting rooms.

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Astra LED GmbH

More than just perfect lighting

Comfort in rooms thanks to autonomous lighting: Well-being, concentration and productivity in the “smart office”.

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Enuu AG

Take a ride on the green side – ride Enuu!

Enuu allows you to drive around your city in a small, safe, sheltered vehicle with extra space for your bags, all while avoiding traffic jams and minimising pollution.

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upVolt GmbH

Second life for Li ion batteries

upVolt develops second-life electricity storage devices made of used batteries from the e-mobility industry.

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Halio International

Dynamic facades with a view

A connected glass system which keeps out undesired heat and glare without restricting the view to the world outside.

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afca. ag

HoloPLANNING – spatial visualisation

The presentation of 3D models in their actual size and embedded in the natural environment makes construction projects tangible and creates the necessary basis for discussion for all the parties involved.

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Natürlich Unverpackt GmbH

Convenient plastic-free shopping

Natürlich Unverpackt puts a new model of e-commerce into practice: local and plastic-free.

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Closing the Cycle

Radschaft collects your organic waste by cargo bike, transforms the biomass into high-grade compost and delivers local products to you.

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Huber AG


Huber AG presents its smart parcel storage system. The innovative product is already adding value to many properties and is now being exhibited at the Smart City Lab Basel for further testing.

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Yasai GmbH

Circular urban food systems

Yasai designs, plans, builds, operates and markets vertical farms. In this process, the population becomes an integral, actively involved part of the food production process.

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Bouygues Schweiz AG

Cross-trade modular construction method

This project has been completed.

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SBB Powerpack – a second life for old batteries

In this pilot project, SBB wants to try out a sensible way of dealing with lithium batteries and for the first time to tap their potential throughout their entire life cycle.

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Smart waste management – only empty full containers

ELEKTRON AG is testing the use of fill level sensors for different sizes and types of containers. In this way, only full containers and bins are emptied and the Wolf area is kept clean.

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Rikscha Taxi Schweiz AG

City logistics – sustainable, reliable, connected

With cargo rickshaws on three wheels, we offer an efficient and environmentally friendly way of transporting goods to city-centre locations. We also deliver to car-free zones and offer attractive advertising panels on our modular interchangeable boxes.

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nomoko AG

Digital twins for urban planning

Nomoko is working on showcasing the power of digital twins of cities and their interaction with spatial data in the context of urban planning.

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Intelligent site lighting

The intelligent site lighting by ELEKTRON and SWISSTRAFFIC is providing the basis for wide-ranging IoT connectivity in the Smart City Lab Basel, thanks to the shared use of sophisticated sensor technology.

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IWB Industrielle Werke Basel

Real-time energy monitoring and visualisation

The Wolf site is set to become the smartest in Switzerland, setting new standards for sustainability. In order to enable intelligent site planning, IWB makes it possible to display energy and environmental data in real time.

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KurierZentrale GmbH

Logistics by bike – deliveries in and out of the city

We transport goods into and out of the city efficiently by collecting together freight from various carriers in our city hub and completing the last-mile delivery using cargo bikes.

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Sovereign Schweiz AG

We connect cities – 4 times a day

SOVEREIGN offers more than 100 route connections across Switzerland between 15 cities for the courier and express parcel and logistics industry at four-hourly intervals, opening up access to both cities and regions.

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Intelligent combination of lighting and traffic

ELEKTRON AG, Signify and Swisstraffic are working together to test intelligent lighting and traffic control systems. The intelligent site lighting is also the basis for wide-ranging IoT connectivity.

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Growcer AG

Vertical farming in the city

Growcer is setting up Switzerland’s first vertical farm in Basel. The farm is six floors high and can produce leafy vegetables, herbs, shoots and fruit all year round.

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reego AG

Optimal utilisation of e-vehicles

reego buys and sells e-vehicles and offers short-term and long-term rentals as well as professional servicing and repairs.

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meteoblue AG

Urban climate measurement and forecasting

Urban climate monitoring network at the Wolf site in Basel for improved urban planning, utilisation concepts and user comfort.

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