Yasai GmbH

Circular urban food systems

Yasai designs, plans, builds, operates and markets vertical farms. In this process, the population becomes an integral, actively involved part of the food production process.

“We want to create islands for urban ecosystems in a sea of biodiversity.”

The exact opposite of today; because today there are a few nature parks in a sea of urbanised and productive landscapes. Around 40% of all ice-free land is occupied by agriculture; in comparison, only 3% of it is urban land, or cities where most people live. In order to be able to feed everyone in 2050, there is simply not enough land to continue growing horizontally, even if we cut down all the rainforests. The way we feed ourselves contributes to about 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, is responsible for 70% of deforestation, and leads to the poisoning of groundwater by pesticides.

Yasai’s goal is to create a cyclical food system in urban communities, using vertical farming technologies to close cycles, create synergies, and actively involve people in the system. By recycling waste water and organic waste, we can recycle nutrients and energy to support plant growth. Since we produce locally and without pesticides, we can completely avoid using plastic packaging and at the same time guarantee fresh food all year round. By going into the third dimension and by stacking, we can produce a lot more in an extremely small space. Local people get access to the food and are actively involved in this public space.

About Yasai GmbH

Grow more with less: Yasai designs, plans, builds, operates and markets vertical farms. We do this by striving for a holistic approach to design and thinking. Instead of focussing on just one technology, we design the entire ecosystem and network around vertical farms so that, once built, they become a sustainable part of society. This improves the resilience, health and footprint of the population. Whether in smart cities, in “food deserts”, moon habitats or old open-cast mines, we design context-specific vertical farms. We provide expertise in four areas: Design and architecture; plants and seeds; marketing and sales; technology and resources.


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