Leicom AG

Smart office – from connectivity to analytics

Connected workplaces increase comfort and efficiency for users. The smart building platform Eliona uses the full potential of new technologies (e.g. IoT).

There are already many possible use cases whose implementation is technologically feasible. However, connecting these use cases in a practical way, and therefore being able to make use of them economically, requires an overarching platform for visualising data and managing assets. The challenge is to connect the secondary processes (building information) to the primary business processes and to make infrastructure smart.

Any use cases can be connected with the smart building platform Eliona. Infrastructure operators and users are provided with a modular, scalable and tailor-made dashboard. Via an interface, users can actively manage their infrastructure or analyse its status. Let’s take the example of lighting: facility managers can check the status of the installations (defective, end of life, etc.); meanwhile, the user of the room can control the lighting using an app (on/off/dim, etc.). This optimises business processes and creates efficient user experiences.

About Leicom AG

LEICOM is forging innovative system solutions for digital infrastructure. We make buildings intelligent, ensure secure public facilities and connect infrastructure. In short, we make Switzerland smart.

What makes us unique is our design and realisation of integrated and networked data management systems. Using the new potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), we create and facilitate progress to make infrastructure more streamlined to manage, more resource-efficient to operate and safer to use.

That’s why the LEICOM Group is a pioneer of process-oriented automation and integrated data management.