Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG

Smart sensors / smart lighting

Modern, smart buildings are energy efficient and offer a high level of comfort and safety. New smart technologies integrated into these buildings can help unlock a multitude of new possibilities. The Smart Office project in Smart City Lab Basel’s Community Space is expected to provide new insights into connectivity of new technologies within buildings and sites. The aim is to create a landscape which manages and controls IoT and IT data with a simple set-up and supports the intelligence and autonomy of the individual systems.

In many offices, especially in co-working spaces, the usage patterns of workstations and work areas can change rapidly. Regent Lighting’s smart sensor technology records and analyses these usage patterns and so helps to optimise the available space to best suit the preferred purposes. For this purpose, free-standing lamps are being installed in individual offices at Smart City Lab Basel. These lamps contain room sensors that control the lighting and monitor the comfort and occupancy of the space. The large Community Space in the Lab is also being equipped with people counters at the entrance door as well as in the exhibition area. The data can be analysed in real time and used to develop new use cases and optimise usage planning.

About Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG

Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, based in Basel, employs around 600 people across six countries, and is the market leader in Switzerland and one of Europe’s leading lighting manufacturers. With its extensive expertise, Regent is able to provide advice and guidance in the lighting market, which presents many opportunities thanks to LEDs and the use of future-oriented digital technologies. Regent Lighting develops high quality conventional or semiconductor-based optoelectronic lighting systems. The company explores digital innovations in order to provide smart connected lighting solutions. Today, their products already contain the technology of tomorrow.


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