upVolt GmbH

Second life for Li ion batteries

upVolt develops second-life electricity storage devices made of used batteries from the e-mobility industry.

Due to the increasing scope of applications of batteries (e.g. e-mobility or stationary electricity storage), the volume of produced and used batteries has been growing exponentially in recent years. And yet when batteries in electric vehicles reach only 80% of their original capacity, they are no longer suitable for use and must be withdrawn from service (end of first life). Disposing of these batteries with 80% of capacity remaining and only using their valuable resources for one application would not make economic or ecological sense. This is why upVolt was founded: to develop second-life storage devices and generate a change in thinking towards battery upcycling.

upVolt works on solutions which can transform “waste batteries” into smart battery systems. The initial pilot projects are being developed and tested in the Smart City Lab Basel. upVolt installs used e-scooter and EV batteries in solar electricity storage devices and off-grid battery containers, where they spend their second life providing electricity to isolated garden centres, camper vans, tiny houses and larger electricity consumers. upVolt is working on various ways to reuse and improve batteries: because “battery waste” keeps growing, electricity storage plays a key role in sustainable energy supply and valuable resources can be used for longer periods. As the systems are constructed modularly, they can be used efficiently in a variety of ways.

About upVolt GmbH

upVolt is a young start-up from Basel which aims to extend the lifetime of lithium ion batteries and their valuable resources. They are working to achieve this by replacing disposal with smart upcycling, thus avoiding the negative environmental impacts involved.

In addition to working on second life applications, upVolt also specialises in e-bike/e-scooter battery services such as cell exchange and electronic repairs because there are possibilities to extend the lifespans of important materials in these areas as well.


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