Blockchain demystified!

Mo. 15. April 2024, 09:38 Uhr

Target public and added value
You are a member of an executive board, a product manager, a project manager, an innovation manager, a strategy manager, a process and quality specialist, and you just want to know more behind the buzzword „blockchain“. Then this 3-hours session is then tailored for your needs.
At the end of the training, you will be able to:
– distinguish between the different types of application of the blockchain technology, from cryptocurrency, venture capital and process innovations
– understanding how blockchain can drastically modify industry sectors.
– get first insights about how blockchains can impact your specific industry.
No technical background required!

The blockchain technology has the potential to change the way companies work and make business together. Process innovations with blockchain has already made its path through all industries, from banking to energy, insurance to logistics, etc.
In this workshop, you will have the possibility to get first insights about the technology and its concrete application for process innovation in businesses. We will go through the basics and we will explain why business processes can gain in efficiency along the value chain.

8:30: Welcome coffee

  • The 4 elements of a blockchain environment
  • The blockchain technology and the tokenisation of the economy

9:50: Pause

  • Suitability of blockchain technology for process re-engineering from a technological point of view
  • Suitability of blockchain technology for process re-engineering from a commercial point of view.

10:50: Short Pause

  • Applications in various industry sectors
    Reflexion about potential uses in your own company

12:15: End of the session