Natürlich Unverpackt puts a new model of e-commerce into practice: local and plastic-free.

Today, shopping locally and plastic-free is possible in many places, but it’s often very time-consuming. Shopping online is more convenient and can also be sustainable with the right choice of producers, packaging and means of delivery. Natürlich Unverpackt runs a new form of e-commerce in the Smart City Lab Basel.

We store products in the lab and deliver them in sustainable (and in most cases reusable) containers. We work together with delivery services and pick-up stations where customers can pick up the goods they have ordered or return empty containers. We offer a wide range of products from regional organic food to plastic-free cosmetics, kitchen equipment, hygiene and cleaning products and much more.

About Natürlich Unverpackt GmbH

Our new online shop allows us to strengthen local partnerships. In addition to selling goods, we also provide information about sustainability projects.


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