By the end of 2023 the Smart City Lab Basel – an initiative by SBB and the canton Basel-Stadt – closed its doors as planned after five years. The Lab promoted innovations in the areas of buildings, mobility, city logistics and beyond for a liveable, sustainable and competitive Switzerland of tomorrow. It offered space and formats to connect actors, develop approaches, test ideas and experience smart solutions.



03. March 2023

Iart uses digital technology to expand spaces – thus facilitating new experiences. We’re exploring how media architecture can contribute to and shape the Smart City.

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31. January 2023

As a reuse planner, we support players in the construction industry in developing and implementing circular processes. We want construction to be understood as a cycle, through which old houses become new houses.

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29. August 2022

Proxity is a privacy-friendly real-time location service that enables location-based interactions, the provision of contextual information and a real-life experience in cities.

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28. June 2022

Breakout Basel has teamed up with IWB and numerous partners in the Smart City Lab Basel and, with the new Escape Room “Blackout”, is giving visitors the opportunity to playfully explore Smart City topics such as renewable energies.

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