Halio International

Dynamic facades with a view

A connected glass system which keeps out undesired heat and glare without restricting the view to the world outside.

Smart and modern buildings provide comfort, safety and energy efficiency. But this requires systematic embedding of new technologies in a new overarching system. The Smart Office project in Smart City Lab Basel’s community space was started to provide new insights on overarching connectivity of new technologies across buildings and sites. The aim is to create a landscape which manages and governs IoT and IT data with a simple set-up and promotes intelligence and the autonomy of individual systems. Halio International’s smart facade is a first use case for the connectivity of new building technologies.

Halio International’s smart facade is an innovative dynamic glazing system: the glass tints in less than three minutes and keeps out undesired heat and glare without restricting the view to the world outside. It offers very high solar thermal insulation, requires no external protection from the sun and is also suitable for buildings heavily exposed to the wind. Cleaning is simple and the view never gets lost: the high colour rendering index maintains a very pleasant atmosphere in the room. The cloud-based technology enables convenient monitoring and regular updates. HALIO ensures that the software architecture constantly adapts to changing needs and requirements and saves money.

About Halio International

Halio International is the exclusive supplier for Europe, the Middle East and Asia of the smart tinting Halio. We are a joint venture of AGC, world market leader in the glass sector and Kinestral Technologies, Inc., developer and manufacturer of the smart tinting Halio technologies.


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