Media architecture in the Smart City

Iart uses digital technology to expand spaces – thus facilitating new experiences. We’re exploring how media architecture can contribute to and shape the Smart City.

In the past, media architecture often functioned according to the principle of the attention economy. However, a Smart City needs a different approach. For iart, media is an integral part of architecture that dynamically enhances buildings, increases the attractiveness of urban environments and promotes dialogue between cities and the people who live in them.

Our approach is based on the integration of digital media into architecture. Digital is not treated as a superficial addition, but rather is merged seamlessly with architecture. The way environmental factors such as daylight and weather interact with each other to control building facades leads to fascinating visual effects. We use brand new technologies, such as organic photovoltaic systems and state-of-the-art sensor technology, to design our solutions to be energy-neutral.

About iart

Since 2001, the studio for media architectures has been working on projects that unite media, art and technology, with a focus on interaction in space.