IWB Industrielle Werke Basel

Real-time energy monitoring and visualisation

The Wolf site is set to become the smartest in Switzerland, setting new standards for sustainability. In order to enable intelligent site planning, IWB makes it possible to display energy and environmental data in real time.

To build in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way today, whilst also ensuring maximum benefits for residents, architects and planners need measurement data for the area in question. Real energy data measured on site is required, such as electricity and heat consumption.  However, factors which influence the energy data are also important: temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind. The information gained through these measurements provides valuable insights for the final development of the site, enabling the construction phase to be optimally implemented.

The energy data for the site will be collected by sensors and, in an initial step, displayed online in real time. The data will also be made publicly accessible via Opendata. In a second step, the data will be displayed using new technologies, such as Augmented Reality or 4D, and used to set up a digital twin or replica.

This creates an energy fingerprint for the Wolf site, allowing us to make the ‘invisible’ visible and possible to display. The measurements are supervised by a professional partner (www.meteoblue.ch). IWB is building the digital platform and providing expertise and infrastructure for data transfer.

About IWB Industrielle Werke Basel

IWB is the company for energy, water and telecommunications. Supplying customers in the Basel region and beyond, it demonstrates dedication, professionalism and reliability. IWB is a leading service provider in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency. IWB bundles new products and services into useful and intelligent solutions under the umbrella of an integrated, all-round supply system. These applications include increasingly localised power production, ecological and future-proof heat generation, modern mobility, and communication.


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