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Digital twins for urban planning

Creating an accurate digital twin of the world around us is challenging. The technology of acquiring 3D data is costly and time consuming. To make future oriented decisions at city scale, it is important for stakeholders to have a digital representation of their respective city and the ability to interact with it. At the same time, there has never been as much city-scale data as today. From traffic, pedestrian information to consumption patterns, data that is spatially relevant is everywhere. However, bringing the data together in a way that makes sense is still complex and a lot of insight is lost by the inability to seamlessly integrate different data sources within a consistent context.

At a larger scale, Nomoko is building the platform to host the digital twin of the world and the necessary tools needed to interact and build spatial applications on top of it. Part of the platform will be the core ability to integrate other “spatial” data. That is, any data that is geo-referenced in the 3D space. Nomoko has developed a workflow to generate accurate digital twins at city scale and is now in the phase of learning about the needs of different industries – urban planning and architecture being some of them.

Nomoko is for this specific project experimenting with the idea of integrating spatial information from different data sources, such as BIM and behavior data (traffic information) into the digital twin of that area to show the transformation that happens over time.

About nomoko AG

Nomoko AG is a Zurich based, 4-year old startup with the vision to make the physical world fully digital by creating platform to interact with the digital twin of the world. Nomoko is constantly perfecting the workflow to create sub-centimeter accurate, 3D models at city scale – so called digital twins. This new kind of data is at the core of the platform, that will allow users to integrate any data needed by them (traffic, weather, pedestrian traffic..) and allow them to build solutions together with this data, called “spatial applications”. Nomoko is “industry agnostic”, as the need for extremely accurate 3D data is a commonality across many industries. Among Nomoko’s clients are companies in the autonomous driving space, smart cities and entertainment industries.


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