Enuu allows you to drive around your city in a small, safe, sheltered vehicle with extra space for your bags, all while avoiding traffic jams and minimising pollution.

Micromobility is a growing trend: many companies are crowding onto the market because of the excessive burden of traffic and the need to develop more sustainable ways to travel. But often the turnover per vehicle, autonomy and product lifetime are limited.

Enuu offers a micromobility service with light electric vehicles providing shelter from the elements and additional safety features. These vehicles are small (for one person) and can be driven in bicycle lanes. You only need a moped driving licence. Enuu’s vehicles are integrated into the transport ecosystem of cities so they run alongside other micromobility services and bicycles. The vehicles run at a top speed of around 35km/h, they are 100% battery-powered and should be parked in bike parking spaces.

About Enuu AG

Enuu is a start-up founded in Biel at the start of 2017 and has also been active in Zurich for almost a year. Now, Enuu is extending its further and the next city is Basel! Over the course of the next year, Enuu’s services will also be introduced to other European cities. The team is currently made up of six permanent members and most of the income is reinvested into project development. Enuu’s aim is to bring down excessive traffic levels in cities and contribute to a more sustainable transport ecosystem.


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