It was a combination of factors – the exponential growth of ordering cycles due to e-business, the reduction in the size of consignments and the demand for strict adherence to delivery dates – that prompted SOVEREIGN to think about developing city-centre logistics. The existing static networks used by courier and express parcel service providers are no longer adequate. In future, what’s needed is a traffic and logistics concept that incorporates private transport, residential and business quality, the use of urban infrastructure and a high quality of supply.

The solution lies in a firmly defined network of platforms which are in locations close to the city with excellent transport links and connected by means of vehicles operating a scheduled service with fixed departure times. In order to optimise the coordination and control of this network, a line-haul system has been set up that operates by scanning and individually controlling the unit loads. Every consignment, every vehicle, every driver, every process and every incident is identifiable, tracked and visible to every dispatcher and recipient.

The Wolf site was chosen as the cross-docking platform (station) for the Basel region, because connections into the city are ideal. What’s more, the conditions there will allow for growth. Ideal in other cities too. Platforms are currently being created which reflect the smart city idea. It is expected that all 15 platforms will be operational by late 2019, while the entire route network has already gone live.

About Sovereign Schweiz AG

Sovereign Schweiz AG was founded in 2018 and works together with the operational network of Sovereign Speed GmbH in Hamburg amongst others. With more than 100 overnight connections with major European cities, the SOVEREIGN Group is one of the key players today. SOVEREIGN is neutral and independent, and its services are exclusively available for courier, freight and express service companies.

SOVEREIGN SCHWEIZ offers the first standardised same-day route network between 15 cities operating at regular intervals. Connections. Our customers include GO! Express & Logistics, which is entrusting the operation of its entire route network to us from June 2019, as well as suppliers of fresh foodstuffs, medicines and highly available industrial spare parts.


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